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We are an Apostolic company of friends committed to spearheading revival locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. We are passionate about building close and meaningful relationships between Churches, Ministries and other Apostolic movements. God is a relational God who has designed a universe which is built upon the foundation of friendship.

Mark and Alyson Curtis

Mark and Alyson Curtis

Mark and Alyson lead PFJ a global network of hundreds of Churches and ministries. They are passionate about seeing people encounter the love of Jesus and seeing that worked out in everyday life. They are proud parents and grandparents and love drinking a nice coffee whilst people watching.

Carla Pickering

Carla Pickering

Carla is responsible for strengthening our overseas connections. In addition to this she also leads Bolton Lighthouse an emerging Church in Bolton and runs the Maisha Community Cafe. Carla is passionate about the Kingdom and has a strong prophetic and evangelistic edge to her ministry.

Geoff Ashton

Geoff Ashton

Geoff is a strategic thinker who runs C21 a consultancy business equipping Businesses, Charities and Churches to think clearly through their vision and processes. Geoff heads up our trustees team.

John Oldham

John Oldham

John has been associated with PFJ for many years, firstly as a trustee and then in more recent times as part of the staff team. John has many years experience of Church Leadership and brings wisdom and a commitment to excellence to the team. John is married to Wendy and is a lover of good food , wine, coffee and cars.

Paul Duckworth

Paul Duckworth

Paul leads Meeting with Miracles an evangelistic ministry operating out of Liverpool. He experienced a powerful healing in his own life and everywhere he goes sees healings and miracles breakout. Paul is married to Angela, like John Mccann he is also a devoted Liverpool FC fan.

John McCann

John McCann

John is Pastor at New Life Church Radcliffe and is part of the PFJ team. He has a strong passion to see people cared for and helps with the administration of the ministry. Married to Sue he is an ardent Liverpool FC fan.


We love seeing new Churches planted and encourage people to plant Churches all over the world. In the UK we are committed to seeing 100 new Churches planted.


God is a missional God and the Church by nature is missional. We proclaim Christ through word, deed, and sign and are committed to seeing 1 million people saved.


We passionately believe there is only one Church and actively support and initiate co-operation between local Churches of varying denominations and networks. We are also working with others to see strategic alliances formed between Apostolic movements.


We believe that healthy leaders make healthy Churches. We aim to stretch, grow and develop leaders. We have a vision to take 10,000 leaders through our Parga leadership training course.

Our Beliefs

We believe the bible is Gods word. It is accurate, authoritative and applicable to our everyday lives.

We believe in one eternal God who is the creator of all things. He exists in three persons:- Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He is totally loving and completely holy.

We believe that sin has separated each of us from God and his purpose for our lives.

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ being both God and man is the only one who can reconcile us to the father. He lived a perfect life dying on the cross in our place and rose again to reinforce his victory and empower us for life.

We believe that in order to receive forgiveness and New Life we must turn from our sins, believe in Jesus Christ and submit to his will for our lives.

We believe that in order to live the fruitful lives that a God intended we are to be baptised in water and filled with the Holy Spirit. He enables us to use spiritual gifts which include speaking in tongues.

We believe in the Church a community of believers who give themselves to Apostolic teaching, prayer, fellowship and breaking of bread.

We believe that God equips us to fulfill his purpose in our lives, community and world. He achieves this through healing and transforming us.

We believe our eternal destination is determined by our response to the Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will return just as he promised

Our Values

Relationships | Grace | Passion | Worship | Apostolic Mission | Prophetic Lifestyle | Revival | Generosity | Honour

Project Overview & Highlights

We have partnered with Kings Church in the small mountainous community of Fushe Arrez in Northern Albania. In recent years 18 men have worked on finishing a 3 storey Church and Community Centre. Read the report ( we will send copy of report )
In the first 6 months of the year 15 different people have visited 7 countries, seeing 2,192 people saved, 88 leaders trained, thousands of people ministered to and numerous healings taking place.

FollowOur team on their mission

Paul Duckworth visited Myanmar where he saw 2,092 people saved in a 3 day crusade. The total population of the area is around 9,000 people. This represents an increase in the Christian population of over 20%. There were many miracles and healings taking place.
In March Mark Curtis visited Ukraine where the relationship with Word of truth Church in Kremenchug is developing. He was able to help the Church develop their vision and it was agreed to establish a training centre to train people in leadership and Church
In May 2018 Carla Pickering headed out to Uganda and Kenya with a team to further establish existing connections and further develop the network in these two nations. In Uganda she visited Godfrey Ssebinji in Kampala, Peter Mabonga in Jinja and Michael Nambale in Budduda. She also saw Cornel Juma in Luanda Kenya. In all these places new training hubs are being established.

100 Church to be Planted

We are currently planting a Church in Daubhill Bolton. This Church has grown out of the extensive community work . People are being saved and discipled into a community of believers.

One in a Million

In 2018 we are aiming to see 25,000 people saved. Watch this space for updates

ARK - Acts of Random Kindness

One of our ARK projects partners with Christ’s Daughters Foundation in Tanzania which rescues sex workers and gives them back their dignity by providing shelter, food and work.


There are many people who give up their time to help fulfill the vision. If you would like to get involved please get in touch

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