Church Planting

Whilst we have a clear mandate and distinctives in PFJ we recognise we are just a part of something bigger called the Church. We co-operate and work with a wide variety of Churches representing many different denominations and networks.

We believe the Church is the hope of the nations. We are committed to seeing 100 expressions of Church planted in the UK ! We work in varied communities which means we plant a variety of Churches reflecting the communities they work into.

The Vision
Our vision for Church Planting is called B2B+B which stands for Bolton to Bury and beyond. Whilst Bolton and Bury is our home we have developed and are developing connections right across the UK.

What does Church Planting Look LikeThe Lighthouse Daubhill Bolton

This recent Church plant has developed out of one person who spent months praying round the community. Out of this came English language lessons for asylum seekers and a community cafe. There were a number of people who had encounters with the Lord and now up to 20 people are gathered on a regular basis.

Looking to plant and partner with PFJ?

We are looking for those who would love to plant Church with us. If you are interested please contact us at and we can arrange a chat.