We are passionate about the good news of Jesus and believe that it still has the power to change people’s lives. We have a goal to see one million people saved by 2020. This will involve large scale gatherings across the world as well as conversations with someone at a bus stop or over a garden fence. Whilst a million is a lot of people, we never want to lose sight of the value of the individual, hence the banner one in a million. We have so far seen over 25,000 people saved in the last 2 years. We expect to see the miraculous happen on a regular basis as we take the message out to where people are.

Project Go

We are a sending movement and wherever we go we expect to see people saved. In recent years we have held large scale events in Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar and Malawi that have literally seen thousands of people saved.


Ark is our Acts of Random Kindness Ministry which aims to bring practical aid, assistance and empowerment to people in the developing world. We have established schools, health centres, businesses, feeding programmes and children’s homes in places like Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo DR, Tanzania and Zambia. In addition, we have provided emergency aid to Uganda, Burundi, Albania, Nepal and India during humanitarian disasters. Where possible, we try to educate, treat the sick and set up businesses to help people break the cycle of poverty.

Buwasunguyi Uganda

Buwasunguyi is a remote village on the borders of Kenya with no running water or electricity. In 2005 we established a relationship with the Apostolic ministry of Christ network. We have made a 3 Fold commitment to this community. This is to provide health care, educate children and establish business. To date we have built a health centre that has treated thousands since it opened and seen hundreds saved from life threatening illnesses such as Malaria. A primary school has been built which now educates upto 80 children and various agricultural businesses and co-operatives established.

Project B2B+B

We are passionate about reaching communities from Bolton to Bury and then beyond. We have hubs we are currently developing in Bolton, Bury, and Llangollen with other Church plants being planned and developed. We aim to see 100 Churches planted in UK.

Christ’s Daughters Foundation Tanzania

In Tanzania life is tough with many families struggling to breakout of the cycle of poverty. Many women feel trapped with no hope of finding a way to feed their children. As a result, these women find themselves forced into prostitution and a life where they are exploited and controlled by others. PFJ are partnering with Christ’s Daughters Foundation ( CDF )in Mwanza to see these women take control of their own destiny. CDF provide the women with shelter and safety for their families and help set them up in new businesses. A donation can help provide health care, an education, a home and a way out of prostitution for the most vulnerable. Would you like to donate

Hannah’s Children’s Home Malawi

In August 2011, one of our volunteers, Hannah Branch, visited Malawi. During the time she was there, she was moved by the desperate plight of orphans in the city of Blantyre. This led to PFJ establishing Hannah’s Children’s Home in partnership with Kingdom Glory International. There are currently 7 children cared for in a loving family environment . The children also receive an education and are moved from hopeless situations to a place where they have a bright future!

This Year
Our projects are helping thousands out poverty, teaching sustainable skills and delivering life changing projects

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FollowOur team on their mission.

Paul Duckworth visited Myanmar where he saw 2,092 people saved in a 3 day crusade. The total population of the area is around 9,000 people. This represents an increase in the Christian population of over 20%. There were many miracles and healings taking place.
Mark Curtis In March Mark Curtis visited Ukraine where the relationship with Word of truth Church in Kremenchug is developing. He was able to help the Church develop their vision and it was agreed to establish a training centre to train people in leadership and Church
Carla Pickering In May 2018 Carla Pickering headed out to Uganda and Kenya with a team to further establish existing connections and further develop the network in these two nations. In Uganda she visited Godfrey Ssebinji in Kampala, Peter Mabonga in Jinja and Michael Nambale in Budduda. She also saw Cornel Juma in Luanda Kenya. In all these places new training hubs are being established.

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